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Friday, May 31, 2019

The Runaway Lawnmower

Sometimes things just happen - you can't predict what or when or why - it just happens!  This has been the case with my lawnmower.  I bought a Troy Bilt riding mower for the farm sometime last year from Fred and it's been under the shelter at the farm all this time.  I have kept it chained to a large post but nobody has been around until the Sunday before Memorial Day.  I have a camera (like a deer camera hooked up to my phone) in the barn and a couple of other places just in case some two-legged animal happens to come around.  But I had left the lawnmower unlocked and with the key in it waiting for someone to replace the belt (and that's a story we won't talk about).  But, long story short, a two-legged person came along and took the lawnmower.  The deputy sheriff came and I filed an incident report knowing I would never see that lawnmower again. 
But lo and behold, someone wanted a "get out of jail card" and returned my lawnmower to the Sheriff's Department.  And they say miracles don't happen!  Anyhow Fred and I went yesterday and picked up the lawnmower.  The only thing missing was the key but Fred had a universal key so that was okay. 
We took the lawnmower home and it was running so life was good.  But after Fred left I realized it wasn't cutting so he came back and checked - something was broke underneath so he took it home to repair. 
Well one of my neighbors came by to see the house (everybody wants to see what I've done) and she mentioned there was a Troy Bilt lawnmower in the road and was it mine?  Well, of course not, Fred took my mower earlier so no it couldn't be mine.  Nice visit with her and then I went on home.  About half way home I got a call from the Sheriff's Dept - "ma'am was your Troy Bilt lawnmower recently stolen?"  Well, yes but I picked it up today. "It seems there's a lawnmower at your neighbor's and we're sure it's yours since it still has the id tag on it."  Okay, I'll go back and check but Fred took the lawnmower so I'm sure there's some kind of mistake. 
So sure enough it was my lawnmower - Fred forgot to tie the lawnmower to the trailer and when he turned at the end of the path, the lawnmower just slid right off.  He said he didn't know it was gone till he got to Clayton (about 10 miles away).   In all his years of business, this was a first!
Fred came back, got the lawnmower and tied it down and I finally went home. 
So today he called - he had made the repairs.  I met him at the farm and "The Runaway Lawnmower" is now under the shelter locked and hopefully will be there when I go back. 

And yes, they know who took the lawnmower and a warrant has been issued and hopefully they will find this guy and he will spend a few days/months/years in prison.  But I've been advised or clearly told not to talk about any of this mess so all I can say is I don't know anything!
But I'm sure glad to have my lawnmower back.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Happy Bees

Well, I say "Happy Bees" but in this heat - well, I hope they're happy.  I've been feeding them and have put a super on one hive.  The other hive is not as productive so I'll wait. Don't want to stress the bees out with extra space and then you have to worry about wax moths.  I have left the entrance small and don't plan on making it any bigger.  If they were out in the wild or getting in a building, etc. the hole would be really small and robber bees are still an issue especially in this heat. But so far everything is looking good with the bees.  Mr. Ellis has continued to supply me with frames, etc. and his bees are doing good too. 

I'm sure if you're around here the hot topic is the weather - it really is hot.  All my daylilies are brown and pitiful looking.  I've tried to keep the hydrangeas and the pots I have around the house watered enough to live but you can only water so much.  We complained about the rain and now it would be a good thing if it did rain.
Moving day is getting closer (well, still a couple of months) and I'm just sitting around twiddling my thumbs. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bojangles and a Plan

So I have gotten into a routine now - every time I go to the farm I get all my little stuff done at the house (feed and water for all the animals, etc.) and then I stop by Bojangles' for a chicken biscuit (which is the best thing since sliced bread). 

I eat half the biscuit on the way to the farm and save the other half for a snack or lunch.  I always take coffee (which I spilled in the truck today) or orange juice so the price of breakfast is always the same. So I always have to scrounge around for change or end up with change which has to go somewhere and I don't really want more!  So I have come up with a system - this will not make me rich but it does make me happy.  The chicken biscuit is $3.45 including tax so I have put that amount in little snack baggies and I have 5 in an envelope in the truck and 5 in the car - I am ready!
I have several jars of change and I know I could take it to the bank and they will give me real money but I just don't have the energy to do that.  And I have to keep change for the grandkid's birthdays - the # of dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies for each year.  It sounds senseless but they love it and so do I - a whole birthday card full of money! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Location, Location, Location

Well in my neck of the woods, it's all about location! 
Robins have made a nest on the grapevine wreath at the barn.  And I go in and out of the barn every day - you would think they would have found a better place.  I didn't realize they had babies until today so I will stop going in and out until the little ones fly away.
Baby Robins May 2019
Next would be the sparrows or wrens on the front porch.  I thought by putting the screen in the corners they would not be able to build a next but they're much smarter than me.  And even though you know they're there when they fly out it startles you.  Again, I go in and out the door several times a day.

And if you're a traditional kind of bird, you can always have a home premade. I have bluebirds in the front yard and I think sparrows in the garden in the bluebird boxes.
And the other day I was cleaning out the greenhouse and moved a pot and two little eyes looked up at me - I don't know who was more surprised - the little possum or me!  But I moved the pot outside and hopefully it went to another house.