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Saturday, November 21, 2015

November Flowers

It's almost Turkey Day and I've got zinnas and marigolds blooming.  It's chilly this morning (mid 50's) and I'm sure we'll have a frost soon and these little flowers will be toast. 

But I have sasanquas (fall camellias) blooming and they are just lovely.  The camellias have started budding and they'll be blooming later when it's really cold and dreary.  I am not a cold weather person! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sweet Potatoes 2015

Since 1971, North Carolina has ranked as the No. 1 sweet potato producing state in the U.S. Its hot, moist climate and rich, fertile soil are ideal for cultivating sweet potatoes, averaging at nearly 50% of the U.S. supply. According to the USDA, North Carolina harvested nearly 50,000 acres of sweet potatoes in 2010, the same amount produced by California, Louisiana and Mississippi combined – also top producing states. Sampson, Nash and Johnston are the top producing counties accounting for about half of the state’s supply.
So with all that said, I planted sweet potatoes this year - Beauregard - which originated in Louisiana in 1987. Considering I did absolutely nothing, I got a really good crop.  I remember eating sweet potatoes growing up - my Mom baked them in the oven and they would turn this horrible brown color and look like death warmed over (this was before microwaves and saran wrap).  But they were good and a staple in our household.
Disclaimer: I don't know who is holding those sweet potatoes but they look similar to mine.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chickens and Eggs

So things have changed with my chickens.  I only have three now - all Barred Rock which are great but it's like having triplets!  After many long months of bickering they have settled down and are living the good life.
Time passed and no eggs so I called the man I bought them from and expressed my concern (mainly, did I get roosters - what's going on here).  Well he assured me I would know if they were roosters and every chicken is different so give them time.  Good things come to those who wait (is that right?)  Anyhow, I was cleaning the coop a couple of weeks ago and over in the darkest corner was a nest with 17 eggs - I know - where was I when all this was happening - who knows!  So fixed that and now I'm getting eggs on a regular basis.