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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Opening the Nucs

Nuc #1

Sunday afternoon I opened both nucs and looked inside to see how they were really doing.

Nuc #2

Both still had frames to fill out - lots of bees, brood, and pollen in both nucs.

This frame is from Nuc #2

Nuc #2 - this is looking down inside the hive - you can see the screened bottom board - helps keep them cool and I think really helps in the disease control.

I didn't take the frames out of Nuc #1 - I could see enough from just looking in the top after taking the inner cover off - no need to get them all out of wack.

I had to get the sugar syrup in a jar and put on top of the brood box - then close it up.
I also fed Nuc #2 - need to keep feeding them - I've been a little slack lately - hot weather and all.