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Monday, March 12, 2018

It's the little things . . .

Yes, it's snowing outside if you can believe it!  I was Down East today and drove back in snow/rain/ice/sleet conditions.  I saw the most wrecks between LaGrange and the exit for 795/Wilson - I bet in 5 miles I saw 10-12 cars upside down in the ditch or overturned in the woods.  It was crazy!  So I got behind this little car with their flashers on and we went about 45-50 miles an hour for a long, long time. 
But I'm home now and having a glass of wine (I have not been drinking lately due to a cold that I got from those cute, sweet little grandkids) and it is the little things that make life good.  Getting home safe and having a glass of wine - Lily and Little Kitty inside all safe and sound with me.
Not bad, not bad at all!  Stay inside tonight - you won't need anything from the grocery store - it'll be gone tomorrow afternoon. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Image result for mister rogers neighborhood

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" - it's been 50 years since Fred Rogers first appeared on TV screens - can you believe that?  When my girls were little, we always watched Mister Rogers.  Just the best show in the world - even now, it's so relevant.  We could relax, take a breath and listen to that calm voice and song "Won't you Be My Neighbor?" and "I like you just the way you are," are there any words better to hear.
My grandchildren watch "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" which was created by Angela Santomero, who grew up watching Mister Rogers.  So now PBS will have a special in March, a new postage stamp, a feature-length documentary this summer and plans for a Tom Hanks-led biopic.
I remember when he went to the crayon factory and we learned how crayons were made and towels - who knew!  I loved watching Mister Rogers probably as much as my girls.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Goat - A - Gram

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!  I stopped by the grocery store yesterday afternoon and almost all the Valentine's Day candy was gone - it's time for the Easter Bunny.  I'm always a day late and a dollar short but . . . . . you can always get a Goat-A-Gram for your loved one.  Yes, it's true, for a mere $100, Farmer Brown (actually farm owner Andrew Crihfield) will arrive at your doorstep in a pair of overalls, toting Blue and May, a pair of 8-month old Nubian goats and a bouquet of flowers - unless the goats eat them first - for a 30-minute visit.  Goats bring a different portrait of "love" than the usual flowers and chocolate  - they are bold, stubborn and hungry!  What a great idea and they have done goat yoga sessions, goat pumpkin-carving parties and who knows what's in the future for Blue and May.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow January 2018

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Alligators, Walmart, and New Year

I know - that's quite a title for one post but I have a lot to say tonight. 
Alligators - let's do that first.  If you haven't heard yet, alligators stick their snouts out of the water at just the right time to keep from freezing in North Carolina.  Yes, it's true - - well, I hope that works but anyhow Shallottee River Swamp Park posted a follow up to the original video that shows the alligators sun-bathing in brisk 62-degree temps.  All the 12 alligators and baby survived our deep freeze but they are still hibernating (a state called brumation) which can make them irritable - well, the weather made me irritable too!
Now on to the Walmart - I went to the WallyWorld three days in a row - OMG - and I have been a couple times since and it's only the 12th of January . . .  Holy Batman . . . is this a sign of my year to come!  Yikes!!!!!!!!!!  But Walmart released a list of 2017's top-selling items on and mayonnaise was the big seller in North Carolina (it must have been Dukes Mayonnaise).  Among the other top items in the state:  electric knives.
I don't know what that says about us.
So the New Year - enough about going to Walmart, a funeral (never ever how you want to start the New Year), and MAJOR plumbing expenses --- but with that came fun times with the grandchildren, time with my daughters, quilting with Pat and Sally and help/advice from my good friends Judy and Donald (what in the world would I do without them) - so all in all, even with the bad came much good.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Beehive Eye Candy

It's bitterly cold and they're saying it will snow later today/tonight.  So a little "eye candy" today.
Martha Stewart Hives

Internet land has so many pictures, stories and "how to" - it's amazing.  I always find something to look at and whittle away more of my day.  Beehives, gardens, quilts - well, the list is endless.
Enjoy your day and stay warm.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Yep, we're having a little cold spell here.  It's about nine o'clock (morning time) and the real feel outside is 19 degrees.  Yikes . . .  that's really cold for the locals - now those Yankee folks that have moved in down here can say what they want but in a couple of years, they'll be cold too. Tomorrow will be in the 40's so it'll be a heat wave compared to what we've been having with temps predicted below freezing at night for the next week. 
I have stopped heating my little greenhouse.  I've brought all the plants inside that I definitely want to overwinter.  The others will probably freeze but I can buy new plants cheaper than trying to keep them alive.
Pencil Cactus Cuttings

All the birdbaths have water but it's frozen and I can put water out but it freezes immediately.  So I've decided to buy another heated dog water bowl and put outside for the birds.  The one in the chicken house is great and I enjoy the birds in the yard.
Well now the weather folks are saying "mostly cloudy with flurries" (47% chance so we'll probably have a blizzard).  And it's warmed up 23 degrees now.
The chickens are out but they're crazy - Little Kitty and Lily are nice and snug in the house with me.  Stay inside and keep warm.