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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dinner by Candlelight

The Little Chitlins (my grandkids) came for overnight on Friday.  We have great fun along with extreme exhaustion for me!  Lily has to go to the "doggy hotel" since she is not kid friendly.  And Little Kitty is terrified of them - lots of noise!!!
Anyhow, my friend Judy said when her granddaughters come, they have candlelight dinners.  What a great idea - how fun would that be!  So that's what we did - they got to strike the match, light the candles and blow them out when finished with supper.  And these are brass candle holders that I have had for a lifetime I think.  They will keep the same ones - small, medium and large and we will use them forever.  It was such a fun thing and so exciting to play with fire - we will do it all the time now. 
And speaking of "supper" - when I was growing up - we had breakfast, dinner and supper.  We didn't have lunch and then dinner - oh well, times change.  But I still call it supper on occasion.  And we do the "Mabel, Mabel, elbows on the table!"
And when they come again, we will roast marshmallows outside with a real fire.  The weather outside was frightful, inside was so delightful, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  (it actually did snow)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Trivia

In the News and Observer today (which I still get delivered to my door every day), there was an editorial about Thanksgiving. Since I looked at the answers at the bottom, I'll give the answers with the questions.
How long was the first Thanksgiving feast?  3 days
What was the name of the Native American leader of the Wampanaog Indian tribe who forged an alliance with the English settlers and attended the first Thanksgiving feast with 90 of his men?  Massasoit
What was the name of the first ship on which the Pilgrims originally sailed? Speedwell (the Speedwell was taking on water so the passengers and crew transferred to the Mayflower)
What was the year of America's first Thanksgiving as designated by the federal government?  1789 by George Washington
Which president made it a national holiday? Abraham Lincoln
And Abraham Lincoln was the first president to pardon a turkey at the urging of his son who had taken a liking to the bird and given it the name "Tom".
Well now you know - there were several other questions but enough of a good thing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Two for One

Well some days are just more productive than others. 
I finally caught one of those pesky mouses last night.  Yes, another one bites the dust.  And just when I thought everything was fine, I found/saw a dead possum in the garage.  Don't know the story behind that but thank goodness I found it before it got "ripe" if you know what I mean!
Now on to my boring life - Lily and I did not go for a walk (we had to stay at home to make sure David did not fall off the ladder cleaning the gutters), used the last of my gift card (thank you as they say Daughter #2) for another hair do, and moved stuff around getting the tree up and all that rot.
And now I'm having a glass of wine with some Boursin Cheese (Garlic and Fine Herbs) and Ritz crackers (my favorite).
And no photo - nobody wants to see dead mouses and possums and Ritz crackers. 
More later . . . .

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bee Look and See

We've had two nights of really cold weather and I was concerned about Hive #1.  I didn't see any bees flying in and out and looked under the hive and saw no bees.  Hive #2 had a few bees flying and I could see a large clump of bees on the screened bottom board.  (it's difficult to look under a hive without laying on the ground but anyhow I got it done)  So today with sun and warmer temps in the 50's, I looked at both hives around lunchtime.  Both hives are active and bees were going in and out.   I'll open the hives and do a quick check when it warms up for a couple of days - it's damp and wet today. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Good Life

I have a tenant in my henhouse!  It's a little frog and the first time I saw him was in the water bowl.  He looked pretty content and I figured he would move along.  That has been weeks ago and the little fella is still there.  He'll be in the water bowl or sitting right beside it - the other day he was in the nest box beside the egg (better a frog than a snake).  He has food, shelter, water and seems to have settled in with the girls. 
Lily took care of another possum last night -it's been awhile since one has been in the yard but Lily continues to do her job.  She's exhausted this morning and I am too since I had to put that possum in the trash in the middle of the night so she would stop barking (trash pickup today thank goodness). 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Reunion and Facebook

We had a family reunion Sunday (my Father's family) and it was really nice to see everyone.  Our group gets smaller every year.  As I've said before, I'm one of the older generation now.
Everything I took was eaten and I mean everything - I made my Mom's Powered Sugar Cookies, Pigs in a Blanket (of course, Carolina Packer Hot Dogs) and Deviled Eggs (real eggs from my chickens). 

One of my cousins (Sue) had this to say - she found me on Facebook (my first and maiden last name) and for several weeks was chatting or whatever you do on Facebook.  Then it dawned on this other person she really didn't know who the heck Sue was and what was she talking about "going to the reunion".  Well, long story short, this person was not me and had no idea who Sue was or anything about the Family!  Sue has not unfriended this person but is not "talking" to her now.  This just cracks me up - that's why I don't do Facebook - it's crazy out there in Internet Land.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ginger, Sunflowers and Lantana

Several years ago, I planted one piece of a ginger plant.  Can't remember now who passed it along but it has done really well this year.

And I was really, really late in planting sunflowers but here they are and they've done well too.  I love the sunflowers planted along the highways.

I also bought some lantanas for $1.00 and they are thriving.  Butterflies and all types of bees love these flowers.  All of them were yellow but for a buck, what do you expect.
Animal update - everybody is fine.  One dog (Lily), one cat (Little Kitty), two chickens (never named) and I think about 15-16 goldfish and lots of bees.