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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Lecture at Logan's and Saturday Shopping

If you've never been to Logan's Garden Shop in Raleigh, it should be on your "to do" list.  They have been in Raleigh for many, many years and have great bedding plants, shrubs, trees, pots, outside furniture, garden art and a wonderful cafĂ© for eating inside or out weather permitting.  Just a great place with knowledgeable staff and so much eye candy in the plant world.  
Bryce Lane
On Saturday they had a lecture on Houseplants and Succulents given by Bryce Lane, NCSU professor emeritus.  If you're into lectures, classes, etc. or anything to do with plants and get the opportunity, take one of his classes or check him out on YouTube and PBS "In the Garden with Bryce Lane".  He is an excellent speaker.  I was a little concerned about where the class would take place but they had set up one of those white plastic tents with plastic chairs.  The tent was full of young, old and in between gardeners.  The one thing I learned (well, there were several) was not to put gravel or anything in the bottom of the pot for houseplants.  And you can leave plants in the same pot for years - just take it out, give the roots a haircut (2/3 off) then back in the same pot with new potting soil.  Who knew!
So it was a fun morning and then on to errands with the rest of the world.  My main reason for being in town on a Saturday besides the class was to check on my granite for the kitchen countertops at the farm.  Believe it or not I didn't write the name of the granite anywhere and the sales person never sent paperwork and she is no longer working there and even though they found the granite order, I wanted to make sure it was what I had ordered.  Yes, it was and I'm still happy with what I chose.  Then on to Costco (for a return and impulse buying) and cheap pizza for lunch, Joann's for a couple of red fabrics (more impulse buying), Homegoods where I saw one of my cousins, TJ Maxx and then home to walk Lily since we're both out of shape. 
Shopping is exhausting!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Wine and Wallyworld

So today the sun was shining which has been very rare in our part of Eastern North Carolina lately and I was completely out of wine (yikes) so off to Total Wine.  I usually go to Costco but it's Saturday and it's insane there.  I got "several" bottles - I don't like to give out and just in case of hard times - well, you never know!  Saw an old friend in the parking lot so that was a nice surprise (you know you can never go anywhere).
So off to Wallyworld for a couple of things but everybody else had the same idea.  Lots and lots of folks.  Did my shopping, checked out and out to the parking lot where lo and behold I couldn't find my car!  Yes, that's true.  I won't call it a Senior Moment but it was pretty damn close.  I could not remember where I had parked and my key thing does not work so I couldn't beep it - ahhh!  So I walked around this humongous parking lot looking for my car.  This nice young man asked me if I couldn't find my car and I said yep, can't find it.  So he helped me look around and told me he couldn't find his car one time but that's because someone had actually stolen it.  But I did find my car, thank goodness, and I'm home now having a glass of wine. 
Lily is here with me, the kitty is outside probably trying to kill something and the chickens are in their house safe and sound.  So all's well that ends well!