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Friday, January 12, 2018

Alligators, Walmart, and New Year

I know - that's quite a title for one post but I have a lot to say tonight. 
Alligators - let's do that first.  If you haven't heard yet, alligators stick their snouts out of the water at just the right time to keep from freezing in North Carolina.  Yes, it's true - - well, I hope that works but anyhow Shallottee River Swamp Park posted a follow up to the original video that shows the alligators sun-bathing in brisk 62-degree temps.  All the 12 alligators and baby survived our deep freeze but they are still hibernating (a state called brumation) which can make them irritable - well, the weather made me irritable too!
Now on to the Walmart - I went to the WallyWorld three days in a row - OMG - and I have been a couple times since and it's only the 12th of January . . .  Holy Batman . . . is this a sign of my year to come!  Yikes!!!!!!!!!!  But Walmart released a list of 2017's top-selling items on and mayonnaise was the big seller in North Carolina (it must have been Dukes Mayonnaise).  Among the other top items in the state:  electric knives.
I don't know what that says about us.
So the New Year - enough about going to Walmart, a funeral (never ever how you want to start the New Year), and MAJOR plumbing expenses --- but with that came fun times with the grandchildren, time with my daughters, quilting with Pat and Sally and help/advice from my good friends Judy and Donald (what in the world would I do without them) - so all in all, even with the bad came much good.