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Friday, December 29, 2017

Baby It's COLD Outside!

Yep, we're having a little cold spell here.  It's about nine o'clock (morning time) and the real feel outside is 19 degrees.  Yikes . . .  that's really cold for the locals - now those Yankee folks that have moved in down here can say what they want but in a couple of years, they'll be cold too. Tomorrow will be in the 40's so it'll be a heat wave compared to what we've been having with temps predicted below freezing at night for the next week. 
I have stopped heating my little greenhouse.  I've brought all the plants inside that I definitely want to overwinter.  The others will probably freeze but I can buy new plants cheaper than trying to keep them alive.
Pencil Cactus Cuttings

All the birdbaths have water but it's frozen and I can put water out but it freezes immediately.  So I've decided to buy another heated dog water bowl and put outside for the birds.  The one in the chicken house is great and I enjoy the birds in the yard.
Well now the weather folks are saying "mostly cloudy with flurries" (47% chance so we'll probably have a blizzard).  And it's warmed up 23 degrees now.
The chickens are out but they're crazy - Little Kitty and Lily are nice and snug in the house with me.  Stay inside and keep warm.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dinner by Candlelight

The Little Chitlins (my grandkids) came for overnight on Friday.  We have great fun along with extreme exhaustion for me!  Lily has to go to the "doggy hotel" since she is not kid friendly.  And Little Kitty is terrified of them - lots of noise!!!
Anyhow, my friend Judy said when her granddaughters come, they have candlelight dinners.  What a great idea - how fun would that be!  So that's what we did - they got to strike the match, light the candles and blow them out when finished with supper.  And these are brass candle holders that I have had for a lifetime I think.  They will keep the same ones - small, medium and large and we will use them forever.  It was such a fun thing and so exciting to play with fire - we will do it all the time now. 
And speaking of "supper" - when I was growing up - we had breakfast, dinner and supper.  We didn't have lunch and then dinner - oh well, times change.  But I still call it supper on occasion.  And we do the "Mabel, Mabel, elbows on the table!"
And when they come again, we will roast marshmallows outside with a real fire.  The weather outside was frightful, inside was so delightful, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  (it actually did snow)