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Monday, July 10, 2017

Queen #2

The Queen that got away!
Yes, that is correct.  Queen #2 for Hive #2 which I made a split from Hive #1 on the first of July.  In my haste and lack of patience, ignorance and on and on, I opened the hive on July 5th and this is what happened . . . . the queen had not been released from her little cage.  There was lots of candy left in the cage and I thought she would be out by then or should be out so I popped the top off and she flew away.  And she did not fly back in even though I wanted her to and it was a slim possibility that she would.  So I checked the hive later and she was not there.  I was told the queen will sometimes fly back in the hive - just wait a day or two and see what happens. 
So Saturday I checked and no queen!  Mr. Ellis picked me up a queen and dropped her off today.  She is safely in the hive waiting to be released sometime next week by the bees - not me!  I am feeding the hive and have taken the top super off.  And I will keep my hands off the hive. 

Hive #2