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Monday, July 24, 2017

Hive #2 July, 2017
I checked Hive #2 last Friday to see if the Queen was out of her cage and what was happening in the hive.  The Queen was out and I saw her - she looked healthy.  I'm feeding this hive while they get established. 
I also checked Hive #1 - so many bees in this hive.
As most of you know, it's been unbearably hot so the bees are working hard to keep their hive at the right temperature. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Queen #2

The Queen that got away!
Yes, that is correct.  Queen #2 for Hive #2 which I made a split from Hive #1 on the first of July.  In my haste and lack of patience, ignorance and on and on, I opened the hive on July 5th and this is what happened . . . . the queen had not been released from her little cage.  There was lots of candy left in the cage and I thought she would be out by then or should be out so I popped the top off and she flew away.  And she did not fly back in even though I wanted her to and it was a slim possibility that she would.  So I checked the hive later and she was not there.  I was told the queen will sometimes fly back in the hive - just wait a day or two and see what happens. 
So Saturday I checked and no queen!  Mr. Ellis picked me up a queen and dropped her off today.  She is safely in the hive waiting to be released sometime next week by the bees - not me!  I am feeding the hive and have taken the top super off.  And I will keep my hands off the hive. 

Hive #2

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Extracting Honey

It's about time!  I think it has been three years since I took honey from my hives.  It is such a process - the getting ready part is a lot of work and then the cleaning up is more - there's literally honey everywhere. 
I use the extractor from our local beekeeping association.  Plastic on the floor, table and anywhere in the general vicinity.  I use plastic containers to hold the supers since the honey will leak all over the place if it's not in some type of container.  Five gallon food grade plastic buckets hold the honey - after extracting I will let it sit for a week or more before putting in jars.  And yes I have this thing - I don't use plastic jars - I really like glass and I have more than enough. 
I took the honey on Friday morning and it was an all day job and continued thru Saturday.  I took off 19 frames of fully capped honey and I got about three quarters of a five gallon bucket - that's a lot of honey. I hope it's enough for all those folks I have promised honey to and that want honey.