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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blustery Day and Bee Check

I think I started this post Wednesday or a couple of days ago (of course I can't remember).  Anyhow read on and I added an update for today.
I hope I spelled that right - what I might say is WINDY as in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.  The weather has been a roller coaster ride lately. The last time I checked the bees (or I should say my one and only hive) was in December.  I really try not to disturb them - just makes more work when they have to put their house back together.  But with this warm and crazy weather we're having I will check them in the next day or so.   
Daffodils are blooming, daylilies are coming up, hydrangeas are budding - it's early times but you can't do much about the weather.  Yesterday I started cleaning my flower beds  - not only are they full of weeds already but they're over full of plants.  I need to do a little thinning and pass along some plants. 
I have a mouse in the house!  Yes, you would think with a dog and a cat in and out it wouldn't happen but that little mouse is smarter than me.  I have sticky strips and I'll catch that little fella soon.  Lily did take care of a possum night before last - I know that possum wasn't dead when I threw it over the fence but I couldn't kill it - yikes.  She was gone the next morning - just lucky I went out and saved her life.
I have been quilting and trying to "tidy up" around the house and yard.  It's a lot of work getting rid of stuff you have accumulated for years and years.
Take care my friends and enjoy every day. 
So it's Saturday - the weather is wonderful.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's.  I did check the bees today.  They're doing fine, have plenty of food and working hard, lots of bees in the hive.  I didn't change anything.