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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Curious George

Curious George turns 75!  The first Curious George book was published in 1941.  The Reys wrote seven stories about Curious George and more books were released in the 1980s and a series of books called the New Adventures continues today.
Curious George appears on television, movies and the little monkey has six apps for mobile phones and tablets.  He is funny and I enjoy watching his show on television (I don't know what that says about me). 
A couple of interesting facts - the authors were Jewish and had to flee Paris on bicycles - they carried only the essential items - warm coats, food and five book manuscripts, including "Curious George".  Eventually they made their way to New York City and the rest is history.  "The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey" by Louise Borden at the library or bookstore.  On my list to read.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Lily has a little powdered sugar on her back - she's a mess.
Lily and I are making cookies for the reunion tomorrow.  It's my Father's side of the family and truthfully almost all the original family members have passed on and now I'm probably considered one of the "older generation".  It's almost frightening to realize you're OLD!  OMG!
But glad to be here and Lily and I are making my Mother's Sugar Cookies and also deviled eggs.  I'll take something else but not sure right now - might be Carolina Packers Bright Leaf Hot Dogs - I can fry them.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.  I will miss my Mom's chicken pastry and brown peas. She always made an Italian Cream Cake too which was a favorite of one of my cousins - well, really everybody but especially Sherwood.
Anyhow the reunion - we always have barbecue (the pig will be cooked tonight) and lemonade made by hand (of course) in wooden tubs which are probably older than me.  The food is great but as I said we're a small family now but I have always gone to reunions.  I just love going - seeing everybody and getting a chance to catch up without it being at a funeral. 
One of my cousins (now deceased) and his wife always did the genealogical stuff and it goes back to the 1700's.  The first reunion was held the 2nd Sunday in September, 1930.  I am the eleventh  generation of my family in this country.   
Mom's Sugar Cookies
I skipped last year cause my relatives has pissed me off to the point I didn't think I could be in the same room much less same building with them but I've settled down a little. You can pick your friends but you're kinda stuck with your relatives - mine are a mess to say the least!