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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Old Baldy Lighthouse and Alligators

A little trip to Bald Head Island and what a great place!  Get off the ferry and you're definitely on island time.  Great restaurants, no cars (only golf carts), no where to go except around and around the island - wonderful.
So we stayed in the Villas next to the old club and there's a canal that winds thru the villas.  Very clear water with fish, turtle and alligators!  Yep, standing on the deck and look down and there's a 14 foot alligator swimming along. 

He/she stayed around while we were in a OMG situation.  The last thing we expected to see.  He/she went under the grasses and you would have never know it was there.  Just disappeared.  We saw another large one that day and then the best was the baby alligator.

Just a tiny little fella swimming around.  It was amazing to say the least and we were very careful when we went outside.  Climbed to the top of Old Baldy with the grandchildren.  Beautiful place to visit and when I win the lottery, I'm gonna buy a house there!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Sounded good at the time . . .

Well my cardboard idea went to "H E double L in a hand basket".  It sounded so good at the time.  Line the paths with cardboard and put limbs and other stuff on top to keep from blowing away and in no time I'd have a clean path.  Didn't happen - those pesky weeds are smart and faster than me.  So I'll take the paper off and the chickens and birds will have a field day with all those worms underneath and I'll keep chopping those weeds.  But it did sound good at the time!