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Monday, May 23, 2016

Catching Up and Bee Report

Well, I'm just like everybody else - behind!  Saturday afternoon I checked the bees.  I thought all the hives were doing just fine but again I was wrong.  Hive #2 which has been a problem from the get go is done.  I dismantled the hive.  I thought there was a queen because I was still feeding and seeing bees going in and out - well, they must have been the neighbor bees - no queen, brood and very few bees in the hive.  But with that said, Hive #4, #3 and #1 are doing fine.
I added a brood box to Hive #3 and a super to Hive #1.  Both supers on these hives were full of honey and bees.  Hive #4 still has room but again lots of bees. 
So all in all not bad and three hives are plenty for me. We've had a lot of rain or it seems that way but HOT weather is on the way. 
And since my camera is not cooperating - the internet is full of anything you can imagine so some different beehives - unfortunately, I don't know where in the world these are located.

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