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Friday, April 15, 2016

A Random Act of Kindness

I was out and about this week and went to an estate sale out in the country near Bagley (and I mean the country).  It always interesting not only for the stuff for sale but the people you meet - it's a fun event.  So I bought the globe - it's metal and I love them and have several but not one like this - it was a great buy. 
When I got ready to leave I noticed my back tire looked a little low but thought it was because I parked on the side of the road in the grass.  Well I had to stop for a train and got out to check and sure enough it was low.  Well, this nice man stopped and said "M'am is everything okay?".  So he looked and said he knew Mr. Ken at the tire store and he would fix me right up.  Well I followed him to Kenly (I was going that way anyhow) and we stopped at Kenly Servicenter and he introduced me to Mr. Ken and I got my tire patched.  I had a little nail in the tire and I had him check all the tires while I was there.  Seems Mr. Ken and this nice gentleman that stopped to help me sing gospel music and know each other well.  Another lady was in the shop having her tires or something done too and an old man talking politics.  So what could have been a not so good situation turned into a good experience.  If you're ever in Kenly and have tire troubles, stop at Kenly Servicenter - really nice folks.

And I went to the Museum of Art for the "Art in Bloom" exhibit.
A "tire" bouquet!