Beekeeping, Gardening and Quilting in Eastern Wake County, North Carolina

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moon Craters

 I was down at the river last week - yep, it was hot.  The river is brackish and the water flows in and out and varies from day to day - sometimes hour to hour.  A large variety of fish, wildlife and now a alligator (which I usually see every time I'm there).  The water was out as far as I've seen it.  These photos are from the "sandy waterhole" which is connected to the river.  Usually this area is covered with 2-3 feet of water.  These are bream beds along the edge - they really do look like moon craters.

So I fished a little - caught some nice bream and the next day the water was back to normal and all this was covered up.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bee Checkup and Hot Weather

We're having a heat wave!  No kidding - it's really hot.  So the bees are hanging around outside during late afternoon and evening.  They all get back inside before the morning and of course if there's bad weather.

I checked the hives on Saturday morning.  Nuc #3 was gone - there were only a few bees in the box.  They were there on Wednesday.  I saw a lot of activity but sometime in between they left.  Who knows why, I certainly don't. 
Hive #4 - took off 4 full frames of honey.
Nuc #1 - took off 5 full frames of honey.
Nuc #2 - took off a full super (10 frames) of honey
No hive beetles, lots of bees - everything looks good.
So I have three hives right now - don't plan on making any more nucs - things didn't go well this year with that so maybe I'll try again next year or not.
Lots in the news lately about bees.  Bayer certainly has their name out there and well they should since they provide the pesticides that kill the bees - talking out the side of their mouth.  I have issues with the pesticide companies - I could rant for hours and hours about them. But enough about that . . . . 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Poor Lily

Lily is exhausted!  Taking care of business in the yard and protecting our chickens is hard work and it's always at night!  Possums, possums, and more possums are hanging around - if they only knew they'd travel down the road.  So in the morning Lily is ready for bed- another one last night.
FYI - I'm not a possum fan.