Beekeeping, Gardening and Quilting in Eastern Wake County, North Carolina

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Color Yellow

You all know what I'm talking about - POLLEN!  Everything (and I mean everything) has a coat of yellow pollen on it. 

Mr. Ellis came on Good Friday and we opened the hives.  Everything looked - no hive beetles yet, lots of bees and big drones. 
Hive #4 - reversed the deeps and put super on top.
Nuc #1 - no change, still feeding, least amount of bees in hive.
Nuc #2 - added super in between top two supers.  So many bees in this hive!

I've planted tomato and pepper plants.  Planted potatoes (Yukon Gold) and onion sets last week.  A little late on potatoes but we'll see how they do.  The strawberry plants are all over the place.