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Saturday, February 14, 2015


My first brown egg this year! 
No details here but I only have one of the triplets and four old hens.  She has not laid in months and months so it was egg-citing to get an egg yesterday.  And the fact that it's so doggone cold right now.  Low 20's this morning and even colder this coming week.  Yoweee!
I bought some regular eggs and let me tell you they are not good.  Just can't eat those things.  So next I bought some organic eggs which are better but pretty pricey.  So I need a couple more hens and I'll be back in business.  Just need to wait a couple of weeks for warmer weather.  I like to get teenagers (pullets) rather than baby chicks.  Baby chicks are cute but two cats and a dog that would just gobble them up - well, that's too exciting for our house.