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Monday, February 9, 2015

Busy Bees

Nuc #2
The bees are busy!  Yesterday was just gorgeous, warm temps, the trees are budding out, bluebirds getting ready to nest in the garden - just a beautiful day.  Unfortunately I was working but that's the way it goes some days. Today will be warm again but a little rain this afternoon - still, all in all, nothing to complain about.
This is Nuc #2 - they are taking the sugar water and "busy as bees".  I may have to replace the brood box.  Might not be able to see but the box is splitting on the corners.  A little duct tape will do for now.  Will definitely need help changing all that. Hope I can do a split on that hive. The other two hives are busy too. 
I have a waiting list for honey already.  Since I didn't take honey last summer, there's none to be had.  A matter of taste but some folks think my honey is the best.  Thank you and I think so too!