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Friday, January 9, 2015

Cold Weather

Beehives in Massachusetts
Beehives in West Ukraine

Thank goodness we don't have snow like this in our neck of the woods! Chill factor has been in the low teens for last couple of days.  Cold, I mean really cold for here. It really looks like snow outside this morning and it's still pretty doggone cold.  It thundered last week so you know what that means - yep, we're gonna get some snow - probably first of the week.  I know it's an old wives tale but we'll see!
My bees are snug in their hives, chickens are in their house, Lily, Roxy and the Little Kitty are in the house with me - we're all snug and warm.  Actually, Roxy is sitting in my lap as I type this (annoying as all get out) but you know how cats are ... it's all about them.