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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year Bee Check

Yesterday I checked the bees since the weather was nice and warm (mid 50's and higher).  Three of the hives were flying and lots of bees bringing in pollen but not the case with Hive #6.  Sure enough they had starved - just did not go up to the top brood box where there was honey.  It makes me sad but that's part of beekeeping - you're gonna have some loses.  So I moved that brood box to Hive #4.  Quickly checked the other hives - lots of bees and food.  But just to be safe, I have started feeding all three hives. 
Hive #4 and Nuc #1

Nuc #2
Three hives are enough for me to take care of but if I should get a swarm or two this spring, I won't be upset.  I've got lots of equipment sitting in the barn ready to use. 
We'll see.  I know we'll have several more cold months but the days are getting just a little longer.  Daffodils are coming up - can't wait to complain about being hot again.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Rainy Day

So it's raining this morning but thank goodness not so cold. The internet has vast overwhelming amounts of stuff and Roxy (the crazy cat sitting in my lap while I try to type) and I like to waste time as well as anybody else.
So here goes . . . . .
Beehive Cupcakes

Martha Stewart (of course)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Cold Weather

Beehives in Massachusetts
Beehives in West Ukraine

Thank goodness we don't have snow like this in our neck of the woods! Chill factor has been in the low teens for last couple of days.  Cold, I mean really cold for here. It really looks like snow outside this morning and it's still pretty doggone cold.  It thundered last week so you know what that means - yep, we're gonna get some snow - probably first of the week.  I know it's an old wives tale but we'll see!
My bees are snug in their hives, chickens are in their house, Lily, Roxy and the Little Kitty are in the house with me - we're all snug and warm.  Actually, Roxy is sitting in my lap as I type this (annoying as all get out) but you know how cats are ... it's all about them.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Yeow whee - another year has passed!  I can hardly believe it has come and gone.  So much happened last year - no need to tell all about that cause a lot of it was not good - let's just hope this year is much better. 

The best of last year is right here - another little cutie pie!

So I've been busy with life and three grandchildren, Lily, Roxy and the Little Kitty and my chickens.   Working a little part time job and trying to keep my head above water.  It has been a struggle! I almost forgot the bees - four hives going into the winter.  Let's hope they all survive.
So no great promises about blogging - it might happen and might not.
Hope everybody has a good new year - good health, friends to share good and bad times with, some fun and games thrown in here and there - all that would make me pretty happy.