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Friday, May 9, 2014

Big House for the Swarm

Making Honey 2014

Swarm Hive Nuc 4/9/14

Swarm Hive in Brood Box
It's been almost a month since I caught the swarm so it was way past time to check on them and the other hives.  The swarm hive was busting at the seams.  They were ready for more space and lots of bees in the hive. 
Nuc #1 - Added a super.
Hive #4 - Not a lot of bees in this hive.  They looked okay - just changed out 2 supers and 2 brood frames.  They will give them plenty of room for the time being.
Hive #6 - When we checked the bees in April, there wasn't a queen so we moved a frame with queen cells to this hive.  They have a queen but didn't change anything.  They still have plenty of space.

Will check again in about two weeks.  And I cut the grass while I was suited up - didn't matter one way or the other - the bees were busy working and not concerned with me.