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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days

We've had some more snow and enough of a good thing is enough!
But since I'm inside and don't drive in this mess, I've been quilting and watching some old movies.  I have a VCR and I know - don't even go there - I'm way behind with technology but VCR tapes are 39 cents at the Salvation Army.  That's cheap entertainment any way you look at it.  So here's a sampling of what I've been watching the past couple of days. I love Cher in most anything and Three Amigos is so dumb.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt are great in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  Love Birdcage and What About Bob?  - hilarious! And for serious stuff - Cast Away - what a great movie. Sixteen Candles - I love all of Molly Ringwald's movies.  

I'm easily entertained and this is cheap entertainment.