Beekeeping, Gardening and Quilting in Eastern Wake County, North Carolina

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 3 and a Finish

Well, I'm done and pretty darn glad to be done too!
The lattice that's on the left is the temporary door.  I've used it all summer and it works fine - just have to prop something against it to keep it from falling over.

I got a little carried away with the roof.  Put shingles over the landscape timbers and then put plywood on top and then put shingles over the plywood.  Of course it's a flat roof but this is not the "forever" chicken house.
The cost was "zero dollars".  Everything was from stuff I had in the barn, garage or just laying around.  Let me tell you - I have some stuff. 
So I'll be getting some new girls soon . . . . stay tuned.