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Monday, October 28, 2013

Chicken House Remodel - Day 1

I want chickens that lay eggs and not just hang around the house being fat and sassy . . . . so I have no choice but to renovate/enlarge my hen house . . . can't eat those girls (they all have names).

I made the original hen house from landscape panels and it's sorta a tepee but not much extra room inside.

Lily was helping - she got in the way a lot looking for squirrels.  This is her favorite time of the year - those pesky squirrels are running around everywhere.

This was actually the hardest part - moving the panel over - it fell over once and that was not pleasant but got it back up again (you can bet I propped it up right this time).

So this is how it looked at the end of Day 1 - lots of space inside for the girls.  I did put up a temporary front before bedtime so the girls would be safe.
So during the night while I was supposed to be sleeping, I thought about what I had done and what I should have done - stay tuned for Day 2.