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Monday, August 5, 2013

More Wax Moths

Hive #6
 Hive #6 needed a little help.  It looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I had already propped up the side and put a big board under the front - time for something a little better.  Took off the top super and the middle brood box - took the frames from the bottom brood box and put in another empty brood box right next to this one.  Then put back the second brood box and super.  The girls are fine - just moved over a little.

Looking inside Hive #4
Nuc #1 that was made on 6/27 - thought by now they would need more room - not the case.  They still had room but not much food so moved two frames w/honey from Hive #6. Did see the queen in this hive. 
Hive #4 - start feeding.
Nuc #3 - this hive was full of wax moths.  A couple more days and there would have been nothing left.  I hope there were enough bees saved - put them in a Nuc Box.  Mr. Ellis will try to get me a queen this week.  I'll start feeding this hive too.
New Hive - okay, full of bees and had plenty of food but still space.

Hive #6 - almost looks like Pecan Pie