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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rain and Bee Check

We've had about 6 inches of rain today - yep, that's right - 6 inches.  I emptied the rain gauge this morning (about 4 inches) and when I got back home today there was another two inches.  

On Wednesday, I had a question about my bees and called Mr. Ellis - just so happened he was down the road and could come right then and answer my questions in person.  We checked the bees on 5/16 so I was concerned they had run out of space and needed supers added.
New Hive - added a brood box.
Nuc #3 - the brood box that was added on 5/16 had about 5 empty frames so they were okay.
Hive #4 - what a mess - WORMS - everything looked fine in mid-May and saw the queen but the wax worms just got the best of part of this hive.  Took one brood box off and took 4 frames w/brood from Hive #6 to make a good brood box.  The super was fine that was on top - full of honey and left that on.  So now there's a super on top and brood box with honey, brood and bees on bottom.

Hive #6 - The super that was added on 5/16 was not full.  So we took all three supers off, put the super that was not full above the second brood box.  Took 4 frames from the second brood box and put in Hive #4 and put new frames in that brood box.  This should give plenty of space for the bees.
I've mentioned this before but I will say it again, I'm not going to have as much honey this year.  The weather has been different.  I'm just hoping I can keep the 4 hives I have in good health.