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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking Care of the Honey

This summer after I finished getting the honey, I just left it in 5-gal buckets.  Finally, I'm getting the honey in jars.  The buckets are about half full - that's all I can pick up - honey is heavy.

The process is the same as I've done in years past.  Sterilize the jars, put out newspaper on the floor for drips and get busy.  Less bubbles in the honey if the jars are filled slowly.  Then I let it sit in the jars for a day or two.

So far AND I'M NOT DONE YET, I have 24 - 6.42 oz jars (they're the small ones in the photo and make excellent gifts), 18 half pints, 6 - 12 oz jars, and 33 pints.  Another good year!