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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Bee Check

Last Thursday Steve (my neighbor beekeeper and most gracious helper) came over and we opened the hives.  I was, as usual, concerned that the bees were getting ready to swarm or could possibly not have enough food and the usual bee concerns.

Not the case - all the hives are fine.  Lots and lots of brood and bees.  I had added a deep to the Swarm Hive on Tues and they were so doggone ill, I had to leave and even when I came back later, they were waiting for me.  It was not a good bee day. No stings but there's nothing like having about a dozen bees in your face so that was all for Tuesday. 

I added a deep to Nuc #4.  Nothing to Hive #6 and Nuc #3.  Hive #4 and Nuc #1 just reversed the deeps.  They have room and maybe in a couple of weeks, I'll add supers to all the hives. But for right now, I want the bees to fill out the brood boxes or deeps. 
Very happy - started the winter with six hives and all six survived. 
And I did get stung - twice, once on each foot.  I need some different shoes or something.

This is the beeyard after adding the deeps and reversing the deeps.  I had taken a nuc out and set it up thinking a split could be done.  But we didn't see any queen cells.  Maybe later.