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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nuc in a Big Box

It's been several weeks since I added supers and checked on the bees. My plan was to get someone to help me and make a couple of splits but that just hasn't worked out - partly due to my schedule, the weather and I had to buy some supers before I could do anything.

So even though it was very overcast late this afternoon, I decided to get with the program and do what needed to be done!

Hive #4 - added an empty super - 2 brood boxes and 7 supers on this hive

Hive #5 and Nuc #1 - did a little switching around with some frames on those two but did not add a super - really needed to go down to the brood box but this was all I had time for today

Nuc #3 - put those bees in a brood box - they were out of space - I just took each frame and moved it into the brood box exactly as they were in the nuc box

Nuc #4 - left this nuc in the box but I did see the queen - they had one frame to fill up and I'll check them in another week

Swarm Hive - added another super - 1 brood box and 7 supers

Glad I got this done today - it's pouring rain now and we're supposed to get showers off and on all weekend.