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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Swarm, Two Queens and Three Nucs

Thursday morning I had another swarm (look at the very top in the center of the tree) - this one was far out of reach and after I spotted them in the tree, they only stayed about another hour and they were on their way. Now I thought this might be a swarm from one of my hives or it could have been the swarm was just looking around but it was time to check the hives again. So I called Steve and we opened all the hives again. This time looking for queen cells and if we were lucky, make a couple of nucs and give those girls some room. Hive #5 - queenless - no brood, still lots of bees and they were bringing in pollen but definitely no sign of a queen. So we took several frames from Hive #4 that had lots of brood and will hope for the best. Hive #4 - Saw the QUEEN! Lots of brood and bees. Added an empty super and the super from Nuc #2 that still had a little honey. Also moved the four frames to Hive #5. You can see from the bottom of this super that there have been some queen cells made. Nuc #1 - made two nucs from this hive. One for Steve and one for me. They should do fine - lots of brood. One frame had three uopened queen cells. The Swarm Hive - Saw the QUEEN! This hive as well as Hive #4 was full of bees and lots of brood. Saw lots of drones too. We made another nuc for me from this hive - did not have a queen cell but we'll see what happens.
Now with all that said - I did get STUNG! If you know beekeepers (especially the men folk), they always want to tell you about the one up their pants leg and they just go on and on and on . . . . well, that's exactly what happened to me and I won't go on and on but I will tell you it was no fun and I didn't get to squash her before she stung me. And Steve has probably told everybody in the county by now and I will admit it was pretty funny and I haven't dropped my drawers that quick in a long time (thank goodness I listened to my Mother and had on good undies) cause I had to get that stinger out. And thank goodness we were out of sight of traffic - whew, hate to imagine what that would have been like.