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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nuc #3 - Gone

I messed around and didn't check on Nuc #3 even though I wasn't sure there was a queen and I had added some frames around the first of Sept. so I knew they would need more food soon.

And we have had some extremely hot weather all thru Sept - hotter than normal. I had noticed lots of activity right after I gave them the full supers but lately not much going on.

Today I opened the hive and the wax moths have just destroyed the hive. There were maybe 50 or so bees left in the hive and they were trying their best to get ahead of the wax moths but it just couldn't happen. I didn't see a queen and maybe that was part of the problem - maybe they didn't have a queen (pretty sure they didn't).
So I cleaned up the hive and put the frames that could be saved in the freezer. I know better and should have checked on this hive a week after putting the frames in - just didn't do it!

The other hives look fine but I'll be checking them this week - weather permitting. We are getting some rain now and it's much needed.
You can see a wax moth on the front of the hive. They're nasty little devils.