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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swarm Hive '09

The last time this hive was checked, we took off the brood box. The bees had moved up to the super and there was absolutely nothing in the brood box. That left 3 supers on the hive. Wednesday when we opened the hive, there were so many bees they had started making foundation in the top of the hive. This hive was full of bees, brood and lots of queen cells. They were and might still be on the way to swarming.

We only took out a couple of frames in the top super - Mr. Ellis does not like to move frames when there's brood on the frames. So we took out 3 frames from the top super and I made Nuc #3 and Mr. Ellis took one frame home that had two or three unopened queen cells.

So then we just put the empty brood box on top. We'll check in a couple of weeks and if everything is going okay, we'll put the brood box on the bottom.