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Monday, April 26, 2010

Nuc #3 in a Big House

Today I put Nuc #3 in a regular sized 10-frame hive (brood box). The bees were unconcerned about being moved - it was easy and simple to do. They have two short frames and then the others are regular (brood box) size. I put two empty frames on the left side and three on the right and then the five frames in the exact order as they were in the nuc box in between.

There was lots of brood and bees bringing in pollen. I did put an entrance reducer on the front of this hive since they're still small and I wanted to lessen the possibility of robbing. I'll check them the first of next week to make sure they're doing okay.

This nuc came from Swarm '09 hive and not Hive #4 as I said in my previous post. I checked my notes and I'll tell you I just can't remember from one day to the next what's happening. I've got a serious case of CRS - thank goodness I keep a notebook.

It took me much longer to get all this put together than it took to move the bees (about 10 min or so). Yesterday I primed and painted some of my boxes - they were in desperate need of being painted. Then I had to nail and glue the inner cover, caulk around the inside of the top cover and put duct tape over the top. I did have everything but I need to do some serious cleaning and repairing on my equipment.