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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Greenhouse - DONE!

I've been busy working on my greenhouse. I've had some great help (my sister and brother-in-law) - they have a greenhouse about three times the size of mine, so they're very knowledgeable in the how and how-to department.

About 90% of this greenhouse is from recycled materials - I really tried to reuse materials and save money.

This is the finished product - isn't it great! Not very large but it will give me plenty of space to play around. I've already put some stuff inside.

My neighbor gave me these work tables - they are cement type roof pieces - two by two - they sit on metal pipes that fit in a long piece of concrete that sits on a cinderblock. The two pieces do not join up in the middle but an open space is left for the water to run off. These came from Fallon's Nursery and Greenhouse many years ago and my neighbor has used them for twenty years or so. Now my turn. Lots of good workspace.
I'm so excited to get this done - yipee!!!!!