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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swarm Hive and #6

Yesterday I checked Hive #6 - I had wanted to take off the super so the bees would have to fill up the second brood box. And I was also concerned about wax moths since this hive seems to be queenless right now.

No wax moths and they had filled out a frame or two with honey but I took it off and also put the entrance reducer back on the hive. No reason other than it makes me feel better. I may start feeding this hive - I've got to check with some of my fellow beekeepers and see what they think. I really need a queen and may have to end up buying one.

The Swarm Hive is still bursting at the seams so I put the super from Hive #6 on their hive. Shook off the bees before doing this and it should give them plenty of room - the hive is so full of bees - it's awesome!

These photos were taken about 3:30 Tues afternoon - it was hot, hot, hot!