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Monday, July 20, 2009

Robbing the Bees 2009

On Sunday, I robbed the bees with help from Steve and Ann. I've waited a little longer this year than normal but it worked out fine. I only took 3 full supers off all the hives. I can go back later and get two from the Swarm Hive and 1 from #4 but today, three was enough.

Steve brought his blower and you just set the super on top of the hive and blow away. Makes the bees a little disoriented but they settle down quickly. Used Steve's bee brush to brush off the girls that stayed on the frames before taking them to the house.

Thanks to Steve for doing all the heavy lifting.

And thanks to Ann for helping with the extracting. I had some really pretty capped frames and the taste - well, Ann and I ate plenty while working.

I had a five gallon bucket almost full of honey. I put it in two buckets cause it's so heavy to lift. I'll strain this again and then put in jars but that's for another day.