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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Pond

Since it's been hotter than heck lately, I decided to put in a new pond - this is close to the beehives and I wanted some water down in the garden.
So I had help - the best kind! And you won't see a photo of Lily but she was helping too and all the chickens - you know, the free lunch scenario - a bug or worm or something in the dirt.

Missy is fascinated with Buttercup but the kitties don't bother the chickens. Of course, the chickens think they're dogs.

But Missy and Buddy had lots of fun in the pond liner - silly kitties.
I'm going to get some more pond plants and put something in for the bees to be able to get to the water. This is an old pond liner that had a leak I just couldn't seem to fix - got some Plumbers Goop - it's in a tube and looks like a clear liquid cement. It did the trick.
And yep, I'm all tuckered out!