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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I stand corrected!

Milkweed - this is what I have in my garden - not Joe Pye Weed as I've been telling everybody in the world!
Folks have said to me, "wow, that doesn't look like my Joe Pye Weed". And I would say "whatever" and still insist it was Joe-Pye Weed. So I was wrong and I stand corrected!
The milkweed in my garden is wonderful and the bees (honey, bumble and all other kinds of stuff) just love it.

Yesterday while visiting some friends, I got some Joe Pye Weed plants to put in my garden - big, with lots of good roots. And these ladies know what they're talking about - if they say it's Joe-Pye, then that's that!

And I got a lot of other plants that I really like and I know you're not supposed to say "thank you" for plants but I sure was excited to get them.