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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baggie Feeder on #6

On Tuesday morning I finally got around to putting the baggie feeder on Hive #6.
These photos will show you the process - it's quite simple and one of the easiest ways (for me, that is) to feed a hive.
I made the frame for the baggies and then just put two gallon cheapo brand of baggies on top of the frames. Then the inner cover and they're good to go. Cut a couple of slits in the baggies - about an inch.

Everything looked good till mid afternoon when I checked back to see how everyone was doing. Evidently some of the sugar syrup went out the front entrance and there was a robbing frenzy! I had put an entrance reducer on this hive but it was not the smallest opening. So I changed the entrance reducer to the smallest size to help those girls keep the neighbors out of their house.

I did check the baggies and both were already empty.

What a mess - trying to help and probably made it worse with the robbing situation.