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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Swarm Hive

Saturday I changed out the bottom board on the swarm hive. This is how it went - smoked a little in the front of the hive, then picked up the hive body (brood box and inner cover still on - this was a little awkward and extremely heavy, sat it on the wheelbarrow and kicked the old bottom board out of the way, put the new bottom board on and by now the bees were going nuts. So as quickly as I could, I put the hive body on the bottom board and got them straight - there were bees everywhere - it was pretty insane.
I did get stung on my foot (I always get stung on my feet ) but only once and that was it. I wish I could have gotten some photos but survival was at the top of my list.
So they were confused - not only could they not go in and out under the hive but their entrance reducer was gone and I added an empty super - they were jamb packed full in that brood box. I was going to change out some of those swallow frames and put in regular frames but they are doing fine with what they have and they were ready for me to leave or I should say I was ready to leave.

It was a major remodel for those girls. But all is well and they have everything they need now - a bottom board that's the right size, more room and a new entrance.