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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lasagna Gardening

The Green Aspect of Lasagna Gardening

I've blogged about Lasagna Gardening before and it's an easy way to get your gardening area ready for planting without killing yourself digging out weeds, etc.

And here's some tidbits from Patricia Lanza the author of "Lasagana Gardening" and the article

You're recycling waste: The materials used to create your a garden typically end up in landfills, Patricia says. By using barn litter, newspaper, grass clipping, leaves, chopped up limbs of trees and more in your garden, you are reducing waste and recycling!

You're not using chemicals: You shouldn't have to use any chemicals in lasagna gardening, Patricia says. You produce all-natural chemicals from your green and brown raw materials and you can consider the food and flowers you grow to be chemical-free.

You're conserving water: Patricia says lasagna gardening uses a quarter of the water a traditional garden uses because the materials are concentrated and stay moist. She suggests using a soaker hose to water your garden when you first plant, and then water as needed throughout the growing season.

And of course my helpers always ready and by my side.