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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Bees

I haven't opened the hives since 4/23/09 The weather has not cooperated or I've been gone or just not the right time. So Saturday morning I opened all the hives.

Hive #6 which is the one the swarm came from and a nuc for Steve was taken did not need a super added. They had not filled any of the frames in the empty super that was added on 4/23/09. So I did a little rearranging and took some of the frames from the top super and put in the empty super in the middle. I wonder if there was another swarm and that's why the super isn't full. There were lots of bees - everything looked fine but out of all the hives, this was the strongest in April.

Hive #4 - well, they were just busting at the seams. You can look at the photo of the top cover and tell they're full. So after looking at the two supers on the hive, I added another empty super.

Nuc #1 - didn't add a super to this hive - they still had plenty of space.

Nuc #2 - well, they were packed full so an empty super was added.

I worked alone Saturday and the only problem was taking the top super off to see what was happening in the super that was added in April. The supers are beyond being heavy when full of honey and bees. But no need to add a super if they don't need the space - wax moths if you have alot of empty space and not enough bees! And I want the top super to stay on top so I'll know to leave that for winter and not harvest for honey.