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Friday, April 24, 2009

Swarm in a Brood Box

Thursday Steve came back to help me again. We put empty supers on Hive #6, #4 and on Nuc #2 between the full super and the top brood box. And I put the swarm in a brood box with 5 regular sized frames and the 5 swallow frames that were in the nuc box. I'll change this out a little at the time but I didn't want to make them start over completely and the frames were just covered with bees.

I need another bottom board - this one is not quite right. I have a huge gap between the bottom board and the top of the brood box. Using different equipment from different sources can sometimes be an issue. By the middle of the afternoon, all the sugar syrup was gone so I think there might have been a little robbing from the other hives. I'll put more sugar syrup on late today and I'm going to close up that entrance some and see what happens.
Steve made a nuc off Hive #6 - there were so many queen cells.
You can see a queen cell on this frame. It's fascinating how they know what to do - I'm always amazed when I open a hive.