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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Warm Weather and Goldfish

Today was one of those glorious days - the goldfish were out and about soaking up the sun and warmth. They overwinter in the pond - several times this year (just last week), it would be frozen solid in the mornings. These are not any special type of goldfish - they've been in the pond a long time now.

The person who manages this pond (me) does not do a very good job at times. It needs to be cleaned this year but that's a job from h--- and I really have to feel the need! I try to do it at least every two (well, maybe three) years.

But they continue to live and have babies - there's a small black fish in the middle. That's how they start and then eventually turn gold.

The gucky stuff is water hyacinths that will not die and multiply like crazy. I got a few from a friend last year - they're very hardy!