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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Palm Bay, Florida Ban on Beekeeping

An interesting true life story about beekeeping in Palm Bay, Florida. Michelle Provencal will not be allowed to keep her domesticated honeybees after her neighbor called City Hall and complained, despite the testimony of bee experts on her behalf at a public hearing.

But if the bees were feral, Ubaldo Diaz (who is responsible for removing feral bee colonies in Palm Bay) stated even if her neighbors complained about their presence, he could not remove them without her consent.

So in the City's eyes, she would be well within her rights to keep a feral bee colony on her property, but her well-managed, unaggressive domesticated bees are deemed a nuisance.

One of the council members (the only dissenting vote) is hoping to introduce new legislation that would allow Michelle and other city residents to keep honeybees on their properties.


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