Beekeeping, Gardening and Quilting in Eastern Wake County, North Carolina

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drought 2009

Severe drought - 15 counties
Moderate drought - 48 counties
Abnormally Dry - 37 (including Wake)

As of last Friday, year to date precipitation in the Raleigh area was half the normal for this time of year - so far only 3.42 inches.
The driest place in the state is Asheville - it gets less than 40 inches of rain a year. And one of the wettest places is 25 miles away in Brevard - it gets more than 80 inches. The mountains never fully recovered - they're facing a third year of drought.
We've recovered from 2007 in most areas in the central and eastern part of the state. In the east some wells are still low - some areas, notably around New Bern haven't fully recovered.
I try to keep fresh water out for the birds and particularly for the bees (although they like yucky water).