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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goldenrod (Solidago)

It's that time of the year - goldenrod in full bloom.


Although some folks still believe it's the cause, it has been wrongly accused for the pollen problems created by ragweed and the grasses.
Goldenrods are, in some places, held as a sign of good luck or good fortune, but they are considered weeds by most folks.

Honey from goldenrods often is dark and strong due to mixing with other nectars. When there is a strong honey flow, a light, spicy-tasting honey is produced. While the bees are ripening the honey there is a rank odor and taste but the finished honey is much milder.

Thomas Edison experimented with making goldenrod a domestic source of rubber during the second World War. Goldenrod contains rubber naturally. The tires on the Model T given to Edison by his friend Henry Ford were made from goldenrod. Examples of rubber can still be found in his laboratory, elastic and rot free after more than 50 years. Goldenrod rubber never went beyond the experimental stage.