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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adding supers

Sunday I added empty supers to Hive #6 and Hive #4 - my original plan was to take the top super off and put on the Nucs but my beekeeper friends didn't think that was such a good idea. The main reason being - it's too early. I need to keep feeding the nucs so they will continue to raise young bees. There's still plenty of time to add the supers before cold weather.

This is Hive #4 - lots of bees on the inner cover when I opened the hive.

This is the inner cover for Hive #4 - you can actually see the lines where they had glued the top to the super.

Hive #6 has 4 supers and the brood box.

Hive #4 had 3 supers and a double brood box.

And I fed the nucs - a super will be added to Hive #1 later in the week. And I could have put the empty supers (well, I should have) in the middle of the hive but that would mean taking off the top two supers - couldn't do it - way to heavy. I'll wait for my helper friend. The bees can travel up to the top floor - none of this honey will be harvested so more bee tracks will not hurt a thing.