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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still Hot . . . .

It's still hot - not quite as bad as the 100's from last week, thank goodness. The bees are just hanging out and working hard.

From late winter to early autumn, bees keep the temperature in the hive's nursery between about 91 - 97 degrees F to ensure proper development of the young. They rarely allow the temperature to vary more than 2 degrees in the course of a day. Sometimes foragers bring water rather than nectar. Nurse bees - those tending the brood of unborn workers - will use the water to either dilute honey to feed the brood or, on hot days, to cool the hive through evaporation.

Be sure your bees have plenty of water - just like our four legged friends - they need clean water every day.

There's a real pecking order at our house and sometimes the Little Black Kitty gets in the front of the line.