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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cleaning Up

So today has been spent cleaning the extractor, putting the empty supers outside for the bees to clean up and trying to get that sticky honey off everything.

The bees are in a feeding frenzy today! They're on honey overload!

Steve came over yesterday afternoon and we got 3 full supers from Hive #4 - they were so full of honey it was dripping from the bottom. This is the largest hive I have with two full brood boxes and now with two supers - one full for the winter and one to fill between now and cold weather. This hive rocks!

So all total I got about 2 5-gallon buckets of honey. More than enough for me. I could have gotten more but our extractor is like a washing machine out of control when you go fast, so I left a lot of honey on the supers.

Forgot to mention my helper - she loves the cappings on the honey (me too).

I don't sell my honey but I do strain it twice to make sure all the dead bees, trash and possibly dog hair are out of there.

I ate a lot of honey comb yesterday - it sure was good and the house still smells like honey today.